Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing?

cloud computingWe often hear technical people talking about the cloud, but few really know what it is. Cloud computing is everywhere, but its actuality is hard to understand. Rather than using your computer’s hard drive for storage, you use an internet based storage system. Cloud is simply a metaphor that means internet storage. Think back to the days of flowcharts and presentations. The internet would be described as a fluffy, white cloud, and it would accept donations as it strolled through the universe. The same concept can be applied to this method of storage. Here it is possible to find out more about the system:

It is not about your hard drive. Running programs or storing data on the hard drive is called local storage. This means everything is close and physically easy to get too. The technological industry has functioned for years by keeping everything on a hard drive. However, arguably the cloud is better because it offers belter storage options. The cloud doesn’t need a dedicated network or NAS hardware. When you store stuff on your personal computer, this doesn’t count as using the cloud. To be considered cloud computing, you need to go onto the web to access your programs or data.

Cloud computing can be done anywhere at any time. Clouds when it comes to the individual are using the Internet for storage. When it comes to big businesses, the cloud is different. The terms SaaS and PaaS are used; these are Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service. The SaaS is where businesses subscribe to an application that links them to the cloud via the web. During the PaaS, the company creates their own custom applications for the entire company to utilize. For the large conglomerates, they will use an IaaS system or Infrastructure-as-a-Service. This is a backbone that can be rented by other companies. Just to put it in perspective, Netflix is a customer of Amazon, so they utilize their cloud.

Cloud computing is a huge business. According to reports from 2012, the market generated over $100 billion dollars for that year alone. Can you imagine what it will do in 2015? It is estimated that by the year 2020, cloud computing will generate more than $270 million dollars of revenues. So businesses that are afraid to go up into the cloud for storage maybe losing out. Not only does it provide ample room for storage, enhanced security and a plethora of other options, but it is a cost efficient method of storage.